A significant advance from today’s ground penetrating radar technology

Which aims to address current limitations in today’s GPR technology by automatically creating accurate three - dimensional datasets by integrating satellite positioning and inertial measurements with radar data, and applying sequences of processing algorithms, specifically for three-dimensional data sets. The resulting visualizations can be accessed and manipulated by the client via a web interface, where subsurface features can be easily identified and localized in the appropriate coordinate system.

To produce subsurface images, the position and angular position of the antenna must be known at all sample points within the survey area. Over flat ground surfaces this can be accomplished by the use of satellite positioning alone, which is commonly done, however when conducting surveys over undulating terrain an inertial measurement unit must be used in combination with satellite positioning to fully determine the motion of the radar antenna. This enables ground penetrating radar surveys to be quickly and accurately carried out on sites where topography can significantly impede progress both in data collection and post- processing. The TruewaveGPR positioning hardware is designed to interface with most commercially available ground penetrating radar units.


FIG 1.0


FIG 2.0


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